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A Career in CX

Are you interested in moving into a career in CX or developing your skills further? This article in Forbes from Blake Morgan outlines the opportunity and skills needed to succeed in the field of Customer Experience.

How to Build a CX Automation First Strategy

Customer Experience-CX Automation holds the key to differentiating retail brands who are serious about delivering an exceptional online shopping experience for their customers from the ones that just talk the talk.

Building a Business Case for CX in Retail

You may have heard “84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services.” but what you may not have heard so much about is how to make a business case for CX. How do you prove that innovation in CX is worth the upfront investment?

How Beauty Retail Brands Can Drive Customer Loyalty

In this article we’re going to discuss actionable steps you can take that are being successfully deployed by retailers to deliver the kind of on-brand bespoke customer experiences that are guaranteed to not only gain new customers but keep your current customers coming back for more.