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Customer Loyalty


The Importance Of CX Leadership In Uncertain Times

We live in a volatile world where the speed and spread of information, misinformation and off-the-cuff opinions can damage people, businesses, and governments in a matter of minutes. We also live in a non-private ecosystem where everything is open to the dangerous tactics of groups and individuals with a negative or potentially disruptive agenda.

Surprise And Delight? Please Don’t

Since Estee Lauder first introduced the free gift with purchase in 1946, retail brands have been wracking their collective brain in efforts to triumph in the “surprise & delight” of customers. From free samples, to surprise birthday gifts and loyalty perks, we seem to have seen it all at this point.

High Expectations And Greater Flexibility Define Post-Pandemic Customer Support

A lot of ink has been spilled about how the pandemic has shifted customer expectations and put new pressure on retailers. For example, research shows that almost 32% of shoppers expect customer service to be both more empathetic and responsive in a post-pandemic world.

Advantages of Bespoke Customer Service for Retailers

In this article we’ll be covering the advantages of bespoke customer service for retailers and e-Commerce brands to deliver exceptional shopping experiences for their customers.